Monday, November 21, 2011

What are you really putting on your skin?

This is often a neglected aspect of  self healing and such an important one –eradicating the cocktail of toxic chemicals which are regularly being slathered onto your skin. You will probably be quite surprised by just how many there are!
Our skin is highly absorbent, and provides a pathway into our bloodstream for many of the ingredients in our skin care and makeup. Women on average absorb more than 14kg of the ingredients in face and body care products alone over 60 years – that is not counting those we absorb from cosmetics. Yet most of us use skin care that is filled with chemicals that can accumulate in our bodies and may, over time, be harmful.
For example, parabens – one very common ingredient in skincare. Parabens can have an effect similar to estrogen, and may lead to an increased risk of breast cancer. A study conducted by researchers in Britain found that there were traces of parabens in the tissue of women who had breast cancer. Whilst they are not suggesting that the parabens caused these women’s cancer, they pointed out that this is the first study that shows that these chemicals do accumulate in our bodies. So even though we may only be absorbing a small amount each day, that can build up to a more significant amount over time.
Some ingredients have very concerning chemicals in them, for example, talcum powder is in the same group of minerals as asbestos, and there is a 300 to 400% increased risk of developing ovarian cancer when it is used regularly. Common emulsifiers like monostearate and stearic acid used to thicken and bind products are known to be irritating to the skin, yet they are used in nearly every skin care product to prevent it from separating.
If we begin to look closer at the ingredients in our skincare and make-up, this disturbing theme of toxicity comes up again and again. Whilst these chemicals are present in only very small amounts, the potential for them to build up is very real.
How many different products come into contact with your skin on a regular basis? :
• Perfumes, colognes and other fragrance products.
• Shampoo and conditioner.
• Shower soap or shower gel products.
• Skin creams, toners, eye-make-up removers, etc.
• Sunscreen products.
• Cosmetics.
• Antibacterial hand soaps.
• Laundry detergents (through your clothing).
• Household cleaners such as window cleaners.
• Artificial dyes found in clothing.
• Feminine hygiene products.
• Deodorants and anti-perspirants.
• Shaving creams and after-shave products.
• Hair dyes.
• Massage oils and lotions.
• Hair sculpting products and hair sprays.
• Insect repellants.
• Over-the-counter creams: Anti-itch, pain creams, etc.
The average perfume product, just as an example, contains over twenty harmful chemicals. Antibacterial soaps are often made with a chemical that’s similar to the nerve toxin chemical called Agent Orange which was used as a chemical weapon in the Vietnam War. Yikes!
Hair dyes contain highly toxic chemical solvents. Conventional laundry detergents are made with extremely toxic fragrance chemicals. Conventional cosmetics are loaded not only with harmful chemicals, but also heavy metals like lead.
The list goes on and on…
The products listed above probably contain over 10,000 different synthetic chemicals, and virtually none of them have ever been safety tested or approved as safe for human consumption by any federal agency. The TGA doesn’t even know what many of these chemicals are because companies claim they need to protect their formulation “trade secrets” by not even listing the ingredients on product labels.
But think about these 10,000 chemicals for a moment and ask yourself this question:Why are you putting them on your skin?
I’ve seen a lot of people who’ve told me they were pretty health conscious, yet I still find they’re using conventional laundry detergents, brand-name soaps in the bathroom, toxic skin lotions and baby products, sorbelene, etc.
The point of this article is to raise your awareness of what’s in the products your skin comes into contact with, and then to take new action to get all those toxic products out of your home.
This may sound crazy, but here’s what I want you to do – Go through your entire house, covering every room,  under the kitchen sink, the bathroom cupboards and so on. Gather up every “chemical” product and throw them all out. (You’re poisoning the environment by doing so, of course, but you’re going to make up for that by never buying these products again…)
This includes all your conventional cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, fragrance products, cleaning products, laundry products, bug sprays, air “fresheners” and the whole lot. Gather them all up and throw them out!
Within just a few days, your chemical burden will start to fall as your body eliminates the chemicals that have been routinely poisoning it. After six months, your chemical load can drop as much as 90 percent, greatly reducing the chemical stress on your liver and kidneys while dramatically reducing your risk of cancer and other chronic illnesses in the long term.
Doesn’t that feel better?!!
My company, Arbonne International, offers safe, natural, and botanically based alternatives to skin care, body care, and cosmetics. We also offer a detoxifying line. Comment on this post with your email address included for more information. Or, visit my website at

Most of the information in this blog post by Samantha Hyde from

Arbonne Skin-Care and Cosmetics

Arbonne Skin-Care & Cosmetics

Arbonne is committed to the development of high quality products free of harmful ingredients – Pure, Safe and Beneficial.
I am proud to recommend a skin-care range which is not only free of all toxins, but it is full of herbs and has the most incredible, fast & visible anti-aging benefits I’ve seen.
Newly launched Swiss formulated Skincare & cosmetics. Clinically proven, visible results in 24 hours, age defying Elements and Botannicals.
All Botannicals used in all products are not ‘out-sourced’, they are all grown 65 degrees above the pollution line in the Swiss Alps, guaranteeing a quality, purity & potency which no other skin-care range can do.
Experience the unique and luxurious natural skin-care experience that only Arbonne ultra-premium, Swiss-formulated products can deliver.
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Cosmetic Toxic Burden – Are you trading off on your health for a temporary beauty fix & for products that promise ‘anti-aging’? You no longer need to.
Formulas are never tested on animals and do not contain animal-derived ingredients or animal by-products. Arbonne personal care products are formulated without:
* Animal products or animal by-products
* Formaldehyde-donating preservatives
* Petroleum-based ingredients
* Benzene
*  Mineral Oil
*  Petrolatum
*  Phthalates
*  Toluene
*  PABA’s
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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Do you need to detox?

Do you need to Detox?

I never knew detox was so important to my health!

In Europe it is widely recognized that our body has a natural ability to cleanse and restore itself. Doctors even write prescriptions to go to a spa to help the body work optimally. Wouldn't that be great!

Arbonne’s SeaSource Detox Spa Set uses marine botanicals and European Spa Sciences to help the skin detoxify our body. The best of science and nature combined!

Our detox products have:

· Balneotherapy: Bathing in mineral salts, seaweeds and essential oils to improve circulation and purify the skin.

· Algotherapy: Using macro nutrients and trace minerals in deep sea algae to fortify the skin.

· Thalassotherapy: Using the therapeutic effects of the ocean to release stress.

· Hydrotherapy: Using heat and sea nutrients to invigorate the body, open pores and stimulate circulation.

This all sounds intriguing but you are probably wondering if YOU even need to detox. In today’s environment we cannot escape toxins, they are in the air we breathe and the food we eat. When toxins build up your immune system becomes weakened resulting in symptoms such as:

Poor Digestion Fatigue
Stress Skin Breakouts
Stiffness Weight Gain
Premature Aging

There are actually 30 symptoms associated with toxin build up. Did you know medicine today recognizes toxicity as one of the largest contributing factors in disease today?

What Is a Toxin?
· A substance that can create an irritating or harmful effect on our body. It becomes toxic when our body cannot effectively eliminate this toxin and it causes a negative effect.
· You may be surprised at the toxins we are in contact every day – pollutants, smoke, pesticides, fertilizer, plastics, petrochemicals, and even pool water. These affect all of us!
· When these Toxins build up, they overwhelm our body.
· We all experience external and internal toxins through the air we breathe, the water we drink, the things we touch, the food we eat – not to mention the stress we experience.
· Do you get enough sleep, eat right, and exercise?
· Do you drink coffee… do you eat refined carbs and sugar?

I know you have probably have said yes to at least one of these, so let’s blog about Arbonne's Sea Source Detox Spa!

Dry Brushing – It all starts with the ancient practice of dry brushing to start the elimination/drainage process. This stimulates circulation and the overall function of the skin. Dry brushing prepares the skin to benefit from the ingredients in the products. Don’t wet the brush – use circular motions, start at feet and work your way up, always working towards your heart. Improves circulation.

Foaming Sea Salt Scrub – I love this product! It exfoliates, releases toxins and improves microcirculation. The dry brush and scrub “open the skin” to prepare for a deeper detox.

Sea Mud Face/Body Mask – This mask pulls toxins from deep within the skin to detoxify and condition your skin. As it works, it will feel very warm. You can wrap yourself in a robe or towel to let the heat work.

Purifying Sea Soak – This product relieves stress – sea minerals help purify and nurture your skin. You’ll love the smell as you lay back and relax the day away. If you don’t have time for a full soak, just soak your feet.

Massage oil – improves circulation and lymph system to drain waste – can even be used on your hair, under our hair mask for the best conditioning your hair has ever had. If you put a few drops in a basin of hot water you can do a relaxing, purifying steam facial. This oil has can be used in so many ways which is why it is called the 5-in-1 oil!

Fortifying Hair Mask – great repairing mask – perfect for color/chemical treated hair – harsh environments or swimming in chlorinated water – removes heavy metals. We can’t forget our scalp! This mask works on the scalp and the hair.

Detoxifying Rescue Wash – Toxins come out as we sweat. It even removes smoke. This can be used on your hair (remove swimming pool chlorine) face, and body. Traps heavy metals and washes them away. It can be used as bubble bath. The wash and scrub are products that you can used frequently to maintain between full spa treatments.

Re-Mineralizing Body Lotion 24 Hours – replenishes minerals and moistures. Another great product that can be used on a more frequent basis. It is an incredible moisturizer as well as a nutritional supplement for the skin. After a deep detox with the mask, your body is really primed for “remineralization”.

Renewing Body Gelée - This is great for sore muscles or stress in your neck and shoulders and is loaded with antioxidant protection. We all tend to store tension and after soaking in the sea soak and putting this on the stored tension as washed away.

Internal 7 Day Body Cleanse Dietary Supplement:

•Average American consumes 150 lbs. of sugar a year – that’s 52 teaspoons a day.
•Organs that eliminate – skin, kidneys, liver, lungs and digestive tract – are overloaded & we need to help ourselves push the “reset” button. In our lifetime, our bodies will process 100 tons of food… that’s 20 elephants!
•The 7-day cleansing beverage contains detoxifying botanicals for an intense body treatment.
•It is a way to support and Detox our organs internally.
•Helps with gentle elimination and flush out excess fluids. Cleanses GI tract. Has herbs that support liver function.
•Just add a bottle of supplement to 32 oz of water and sip throughout the day with equal amounts of plain water, or even our Detox Tea. This process draws water to the intestines so your body can cleanse itself.
•Nutrition is important! Do not miss your Daily Hybrid Supplements during this time.
•Great product to put on our AutoShip program…
•May experience elimination symptoms – loose stools, slight cramping, and feel tired. This is normal for detoxing and by the end, you will feel amazing!

If you're interested in learning more about Detoxing, please contact me! Visit my website at to see all the SeaSource Spa products, and learn about other amazing products available through Arbonne. I can help you earn discounts up to 80% off, earn free products, or help you start your own home based business. I can't wait to hear from you!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Arbonne Opportunity

It's your time to get more out of life.

Arbonne is a highly regarded, 31 year old premium brand with a Swiss heritage. The products are healthy, botanically based and inspired by nature. The Arbonne experience starts with changing the appearance of your skin, then it's about changing your life. Arbonne provides a generous compensation plan, an exceptionally nurturing support system, and caring committed leadership. The Arbonne Advantage has several parts:
Our products
Our business model
Our people
Our opportunity
Take a deep breath and look at your future. Now ask yourself, If you keep doing the exact same thing you are doing right now, where do you see yourself in 5 years? The opportunity that's sitting right in front of you just may turn out to provide you the life you always wanted.

The Arbonne Product Advantage delivers pure, safe, and beneficial products that are dermatologist tested and botanically based. To learn more about the Arbonne products or to read our Ingredient Policy, go to

The business model is one of Network Marketing. Network marketing is a system that channels goods or services from the manufacturer to the consumer through a network of independent distributors or Independent Consultants. It's an incredibly effective system that cuts the cost paid to the 'middle man' offering you a higher earning potential.

Success....on YOUR terms
I know you are interested in the bottom line...How much money does and Arbonne Independent Consultant make? That figure depends on you. With traditional jobs, your boss determines when you get a raise or get promoted. But, with Arbonne, your time and efforts determine your success. You are your own boss.
Full-time or part-time income? You decide.
So here's the bottom line:
35% profit on our personal retail sales
15% Preferred Client Commission on all sales to your Preferred Clients
Your income increases as you promote yourself through the Arbonne SuccessPlan
No need to carry inventory-Arbonne ships directly to your Clients
FREE credit card processing
Unlimited territories-Indepenent Consultants may sponsor and sell in any country Arbonne operates
Jewelry, trips, and more as recognition for your success
Management programs, including life insurance
Arbonne Vice President participation in the Mercedes-Benz Cash Bonus Program

Now's the time! Start your own business for just $109. Share Aronne with those you know and love. You'll reap the rewards of reaching out to others, helping them to feel healthy and look beautiful, and be inspired to make Arbonne part of their lives as well.

My name is Jennifer Durrett. My Arbonne ID is 18746138. Please visit my website for more details or comment on this blog post if you're interested in  the Arbonne Opportunity.

Arbonne...the most fun you'll EVER have earning a living!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hormone Imbalance?

A few months ago I started putting together all the symptoms that I was suffering from and diagnosed myself as having a hormone imbalance. (Yeah, self diagnosing is bad and can drive you crazy, but I was feeling crazy enough as it was!) And I did go to my doctor to make sure I was right, and sure enough, she confirmed my suspicions. I was low on progesterone.
Some of my symptoms were sleepless nights, anxiety, mood swings, frequent bladder infections, bad complexion, and a slew of other things that I will share with those of you on a personal basis who want to hear about them. My fellow Arbonne Independent Consultants really encouraged me to try the natural hormone balancing cream that Arbonne offers. I'm so glad I did, because it was a lifesaver! To top it off, my dr, Dr. Amy Deeley, told me during my first office visit that she recommends Prolief to her patients all the time who are experiencing hormone issues.

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms? Insonmia, bloating, mood swings, infertility, cyclical headaches, foggy thinking, unexplained weight gain, painful or lumpy breasts?  You may have a
progesterone deficiency!

Dr. John R. Lee "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Pre-menopause" says this about progesterone deficiency:
Stress is almost always involved in PMS. Stress increases cortisol levels, which blocks progesterone from its receptors. Therefore, normal progesterone levels do not mean that supplemental progesterone is not needed. Extra progesterone is necessary to overcome the blockade of its receptors by cortisol. When a woman discovers she has a handle on controlling her PMS, it will help her manage stress better.  Progesterone Deficiency is the most common hormone imbalance among women of all ages.

Arbonne's product, Prolief, is a natural balancing cream designed to help restore balance. This technologically advanced formula is light and greaseless, free of color and fragrance. Each metered pump conveniently provides 1/4 tsp application. They also have a product for menopausal women called Phytoprolief that helps with hot flashes! Yay!

If you're interested in this product, please visit my website at Prolief is item #776 and is only $34...well worth every penny in my opinion. It was a life saver for me!

Thanks for reading, please feel free to comment and ask for more information if you're interested!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Healthy Living

I work for myself, telling people about a company that produces unparalleled skin care, cosmetics, and health and wellness products that are free of harmful ingredients. The company also certifies it's products vegan! I am able to offer these products knowing they are all free of:
animal products or animal by-products
Formaldehyde donating preservatives
Petroleum based ingredients including Benzene, mineral oil, petrolatum, phthalates, toluene
And all the products are also formulated without:
artificial colors
artificial flavors
artificial sweeteners
animal products
animal by-products
saturated fats
trans fats
This company has recently put into place an ingredient policy to screen out gluten and ingredients that contain GMO.

To top it all off these products are premium quality beauty, health and wellness products with targeted results. The company employs consumer and clinical testing to reinforce research and ensure their proprietary formulas deliver unparalleled performance. In other words, the products are great and do what they say they are going to do!

If you are interested in learning more about my business and the products I am able to offer, please comment  or visit my website at and I will get back with you!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Get on the Healthy Eating Train

So this post is a just me venting a little about my frustrations with eating. I like to eat. I exercise to balance my eating habits. Why then, is the scale creeping up instead of staying in one spot? Or better yet...why not seeing the number on the scale go down..that would be nice.
How can it be that I'm working out 2x a day 3 days a week, and 1x a day 3 days a week and I haven't lost a pound??
I'm so frustrated with myself it's not even funny.

Post vacation I've had a really difficult time getting back on the proper eating regimen. I eat great one meal, and then blow it all on the next. I'm desperate to find that zone I was in before we went on vacation...when I was monitoring everything that went into my mouth...and the things I was putting in my mouth made me feel good, not like crap. As sad as I am to say it, getting back into the school routine will only help me with this problem I am having.

Here's to making healthy choices, keeping my chin up and working to become a healthier me!